Take Action

"Ban Books or Lose Funding"

That is what Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft is saying to Missouri’s public libraries. He wants to give small groups of extremists the power to stop your children from reading books he doesn't like. If your public library doesn’t comply with his demands, he wants to take away their funding.

Too many Missouri politicians like Ashcroft are trying to control what you and your children are allowed to read. Beginning November 15, the public will have a month to submit comments on Ashcroft’s demands. Let’s tell him NO – we support our public libraries and our children’s freedom to read!

Protect your rights and the rights of your children by submitting a public comment against Proposed Rule 15 CSR 30-200.015.

Ways to submit a public comment:

  • Email [email protected] (write the proposed rule number, 15 CSR 30-200.015, as the subject)
  • Click here to download the public comment form and mail your responses to Missouri Secretary of State, P.O. Box 1767, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

Statement from DBRLWU, AFSCME Council 61 

The staff of Daniel Boone Regional Library, through our union AFSCME Council 61, are uniting to speak up for your right to freedom of speech and publication, and your right to read what you want. 

Too many Missouri politicians are trying to control what you and your children are allowed to read. Earlier this year, the Missouri legislature passed a law that restricted the types of books Missouri students are allowed to access in their school libraries. Worse than that, they threaten to fine and even jail school library staff. 

This is unacceptable in a free country. We support our fellow library staff in Missouri schools who have been put in danger because of this unjust law. 

Now, it is public library staff like ourselves who are in the crosshairs, along with the public we serve. The Missouri Secretary of State, Jay Ashcroft, is trying to take away state funding for your local libraries unless the library forbids young people from seeing books that Ashcroft doesn’t like. He wants to empower small groups of extremists to show up at school board and library board meetings to try to take books away from other people’s children, including yours. 

Ashcroft wants to do this through the state regulatory process, and then he wants the legislature to make it into law. He plans to introduce his proposal on November 15. At that point, every one of us will be speaking up against it through the public comments process for a new rule. 

We’re calling on everyone in our community to support us – the staff of your local library – and also defend your own rights and the rights of your children. Through our union, we will be printing up information cards to help you submit public comments on this rule. If you come to your local library to use our computers, we, your local library staff, will be more than happy to help you if you need help, as we always do!