Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we forming our union at the Daniel Boone Regional Library?

We are organizing our union at the Daniel Boone Regional Library because we are proud of the work we do each day, and we want to see the library and our communities thrive. By joining together, we can advocate for a workplace that values our voices and the relationships we have built within our community. Through our union, we will champion the rights and well-being of staff from all library branches, addressing issues including healthcare and benefits, fair and equitable pay, safety, transparent communication and dignity at work.

Who and what is a union?

We are the union. We made the decision to form our union. We will decide which priorities we will negotiate in our contract and we will elect our own leadership to uphold and enforce the contract. A union is a group of workers coming together to make real change in their workplace regarding their wages, benefits and working conditions.

Who is AFSCME?

The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is a union of 1.4 million members. These members have our back and will support us, along with resources like experienced negotiators, educators, attorneys, and researchers. AFSCME also represents over 35,000 other cultural workers, more than any other union. Learn more about their national campaign for cultural workers at

What does the process of organizing a union look like? How long will it take?

We are counting on all of our co-workers to sign a union card. Upon recognition of our union, either voluntarily or through a secret ballot election, we will sit down with management and negotiate a contract that reflects our priorities. The process will go as quickly as we move it. 

How might management respond?

We can’t control how management will respond. We can only control our own actions. We have the legal right to form a union. The more of us who are openly in solidarity with each other, the safer we all are. Your voice will make a difference. 

Retaliation by leadership is absolutely illegal. It is against the law for your manager or any other member of leadership to:

  • demand you tell them how you are voting
  • threaten to fire you if you vote yes
  • offer you rewards to vote no
  • otherwise retaliate in any way
  • intimidate, coerce, and otherwise influence

If you experience any of the above violations, please report such activity to [email protected].

When do we start paying dues and how much will it cost?

No one will have to pay dues until we vote for a contract that we have negotiated and it becomes effective. Dues will be approximately:

  • $20 biweekly for employees working 21+ hours
  • $15 biweekly for employees working between 13-20 hours
  • $10 biweekly for employees working 12 hours or less

I want to get involved with organizing our union. Who can I talk to?

Email us at [email protected] to set up a time to talk with a co-worker or union organizer one-on-one.