Know Your Rights

The law gives us the freedom to unite and build a better future at the Daniel Boone Regional Library (DBRL). We have a legally protected right to organize a union, which includes the following activities:

  • discussing workplace issues and improving the DBRL during work hours (conversations about union building are prohibited from taking place during work hours)
  • attending DBRL meetings and hearing leadership’s plan to improve the workplace
  • distributing union-related literature during non-work hours
  • continuing to provide quality services to our community while building our union

It is unlawful for an employer or leadership (managers, administrators or Board of Trustees) to interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees seeking to organize or join a union. They cannot:

  • tell employees that the library will fire or punish them if they engage in a union activity
  • lay off or discharge any employee for union activity
  • promise or withhold wage increases or special concessions to keep employees from forming a union
  • prohibit union activists from asking others to join the union during non-work hours
  • ask employees about confidential union matters, meetings, etc.
  • ask employees about the union or union representatives
  • ask employees how they intend to vote
  • ask employees whether they belong to a union or signed a union card
  • create/change work assignments that intend to punish or get rid of an employee because of their union activity
  • threaten employees or coerce them in an attempt to influence their vote
  • tell employees that existing benefits will be discontinued if the company is unionized
  • say unionization will force the employer to lay off employees
  • say unionization will take away vacations or other benefits and privileges presently in effect
  • promise employees promotions, raises, or other benefits if they vote no
  • threaten to close the library if employees form a union